815 She Totally Does.


Over time Nina is going to wear away at Carol’s resolve, like water over rocks.  Relentless.

The other day at the store I broke down and got a Star Wars Transformer crossover toy.  I never bought any of the big ones because they look dumb as fuck, but they have smaller ones now, and the Obi Wan didn’t look as terrible as they usually do.   He also comes with 2 lightsabres, which is cool.

As you can see, He’s about as big as other Transformers in his price range, but taller than Applejack.  He’s much lighter than her though.  When he’s in vehicle mode he looks like Obi Wan’s ship from the second and third prequels, and his lightsabres  store, unfortunately loosely, in the laser bays.

Hasbro missed a big opportunity for this toy though.  In robot mode he has to hold his weapons or set them aside because there’s no place to stow them.  I noticed that the thruster ports on his back were about the same diameter as the lightsabres though.  After a few moments with a drill Robo Obi could store his twin “blades”  on his back in a very cool, samuraiesque, way.

I very rarely take tools to my stuff, but this was too good to pass up.