799 Equations.


Something bit me on the leg the other day.  I don’t know what it was, but it left a huge mark in the shape of an apostrophe.  It’s finally starting to fade today, but it was itchy and swollen for almost a week with no signs of healing.  The strangest thing about the bite was that if I touched it the itchy feeling would start happening in my belly button too.  Somehow the two places were connected.  I guess a nerve must run along my leg and up to my navel.  It’s the only explanation I can think of.  I guess it could be a spider bite, but they usually get super gross.  at least the ones I’ve had before have been.  This one was just really mega itchy and red.

I haven’t had a new handheld game in a long time.  After Pokemon fever died down, and no one was interested anymore, I slowly drifted away from catching them all.   In fact, I didn’t catch them all.  There are Pokemon that remain uncaught.  I should make an effort to complete the pokedex, but I’m down to the super annoying ones now.

Square finally realized that $32 is a shitty amount to charge for a PSP game and dropped Tactics Ogre to something more reasonable.  Which is cool, and I want it, butit’s not the kind of game I’m really after.  At least I don’t think it is.  I never played the old version, but I suspect the battles are super long.  I’m after something a little less involved.  At least until I’m sick of Dragon Age.  Something I can play on the go between doing things would be ideal.  I haven’t really heard of anything I’m interested in though.  Apart from the new Mario Kart, but that would also require getting a 3DS, and that is just not possible.  At least I can look forward to paying full price for the game in 3 years since Nintendo has such a high opinion of itself.

I have never found a decent website for game news.  All I want is information.  They don’t need to painstakingly animate every blank space on the site.   Web designers who make gaming websites seem to thing that gamers are like hummingbirds with the attention spans of goldfish.  If something isn’t moving EVER SECOND YOU’RE ON THE SITE apparently we’ll lose interest and move along.  I’m sure there must be a percentage of people which that holds true for, but I’d actually like some easy to read text presented in a logical manner that relays to me  information that is pertinent to my interests.

Such a place may exist already for all I know.  Feel free to inform me if this is the case.  Careful with the links though.  If you set your comment up funny the spam blocker will think you’re evil.