781 Junk Shot.


I have a feeling that this page is going to confuse people.  I tried to draw the car turning in to the junkyard, but it looked wrong no matter what I tried.  More wrong than it does from the side anyway.  Thomas doesn’t just stop on the side of the road.  He pulls in and nestles the car amongst the other crap.

I’m not sure about other places, but it’s really common for people to just park old stuff on the edges of fields and leave it to rot in Kansas and eastern Colorado.  I assume that it’s like that in any rural area of the country, but I don’t know it for certain.  In fact, in this part of Colorado people just tip old cars and stuff into ditches and rivers and wander off, never to return.  There’s a creek near my home where you can see old cars half buried under years of sediment.  Up the road a bit there’s a deeper ditch where people have been pitching in old appliances and whatnot for what appears to be generations.  Recycling has not quite taken hold out here…

An industrious person with time and a wrecker could probably make a fair bit of money gathering scrap from the ditches.  Of course once someone else showed interest in the trash the locals would likely get real possessive.   They’re too lazy to dispose of things properly, but too mercenary to let you make a buck for cleaning shit up.  It’s actually kind of factionalized.  Because some places are crapshacks and others are little oases of order and cleanliness.

I used to think that Kansas was pretty trashy, but by comparison it’s a gleaming monument to order and tidiness.  Which is saying something if you’re familiar with Kansas at all.  I’m not sure what Colorado is like further in.  I’ve only ever been a few times and not for any length of time.  I understand that some cities are very upper crust.  Like, stars go there to fart around and whatnot.  I’m told Denver is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, with the added annoyance of thin atmosphere.  I’m too fond of gasses to do any personal recon.  It takes a lot of oxygen to keep me moving.