775 Escape Plan.


I saw some Green Lantern toys today.  You can tell they’re being a little safer about them than Marvel.  They aren’t as cool or articulated as the Marvel toys are.  A little less expensive too, but not by orders of magnitude.  I feel like DC is a little more pensive about how people will react to their latest offering.  I think it looks fun, but I’m hardly your average nerd.

I seem to recall all the Superman toys sucking.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  I seem to recall a lot of Superman clearance when they didn’t sell enough of them.  I don’t think I bought a single Batman toy either…  I wonder why I thought all the DC toys sucked.  I think the Batman ones were the wrong scale.  Superman didn’t have a good base toy to buy.  They all had a fatal flaw.  At least the Green Lantern stuff is more or less to scale with the Marvel stuff, if simple.  I actually considered getting one.  until I saw they had a new Powerglide.