768 Reason.


I reworked my art area slightly today.  Tried to get the wires cleaned up and shifted things slightly to the right.  I don’t know exactly how my desk ended up so far left before, but I must have had a reason at the time.

My sister got my mother an iPad for mothers day.   (Dick move, sis!  How I’m sposta compete with that?  with my little giftcard…  T^T)  Mom is not a fan of Apple products, or business practices, but she has very much enjoyed her new toy.  I have had a chance to play around with it and now I get it.  I understand how these particular devices could be used to fundamentally change how we interact with media.  I, of course, downloaded The Smurf’s Village on it so I could see what it would be like on a better device.  This eventually led to Mom slowly warming to the idea of playing the game herself and then to total obsession.

Mom is not a gamer by any means.  She does enjoy games, like Tetris, or what have you, but doesn’t actively seek games out. (She ceeps my old Gameboy Color and original Gameboy Tetris in her desk.)  Watching her play Smurfs over the course of several weeks has been interesting in that I can easily see that she passed her weird obsessive tendencies on to me, after getting them from my grandmother presumably.

I like seeing people I know play games like Smurfs, or Simcity.  They are like a little window into a deeper part of their personality.  Sometimes a surprising window.  The most free spirited people often have very fastidious senses of style when it comes to landscaping and sometimes the very neat are totally sloppy and random.  Of course you also get the very neat people who are even more particular in their little sandboxes.

Who knows what my village says about me:

This image is from winter, but my style surely must come through.

Anyway, it’s been fun getting to enjoy this game with my Mom.