764 Antimatter.


A lot of the Viz anime & manga from when I was a teenager is discontinued now.  It was all so ubiquitous before that it seemed like I’d be able to gather it all up eventually, but that’s not the case.  Those titles have had their run and have been replaced with the new.  I like the new stuff for the most part.  Naruto, One Piece, and so on, but I’d like to be able to get the stuff I always intended to, but never had the money for.  Not that I have the money now either, but I’d like the option to be there.

I bring this up because I have had my eye on a Ranma 1/2 DVD set for a long time and when I finally decided it was time to pick it up it was no longer available.  And I don’t mean I missed it by a long time.  I checked one day and decided to see if I’d be okay getting it and it had sold by the time I came back.  Apparently someone else was either feeling nostalgic, or discovering Ranma for the first time.  After that the used copies started increasing in price to ridiculous levels.  He who hesitates and all that…

Anyway, I kept the listing so I could check back periodically.  I checked the Viz website by the way, they have it listed as available, but it just takes you to the Amazon listing that tells you it isn’t.  Which is bullshit.  I suspect that Viz isn’t real concerned about old properties anymore and never bother to update their website.  If my ad space is anything to go by it’s all about E Reader applications now.  Which is fine, but if I’m going to have to pay $6 for a download I may as well give them four more dollars and have a physical copy.  I’d be better tempted if the gulf between physical and data were a little wider, get me?

I’m getting off topic…  So, the other day I noticed a used copy listed for a reasonable price.  A little less than when it was new, in fact.  I guess they either didn’t know what they had, or weren’t dicks.  Whatever the case I didn’t hesitate.  I used some saved gift card munnies and ordered.  It got here today.  It’s one of those terrible old style anime set boxes from when companies were in love with huge, shitty, cases.  Smashed down one side, with the discs bouncing around inside freely.  Of course it was a bit scratched, but not so much as to make it unreadable.  I’m going to see if I can find a double disc case to replace the one in question.  I’ll have to cut up the cover art to fit a slim case, but that’s no big deal.

I don’t feel the need to get the TV sets since the animation got worse and worse each season.  This OAV set is a good enough representation of the quality animation to suffice.