745 On Directing.


Tonight I am going to try and draw my real paper thing for the convention prize I may, or may not, have mentioned before.  I have set aside more than one sheet of paper in preparation for errors.

Apparently I preordered a Smurfs book several months ago and forgot about it, because one showed up.  It has one of my favorite stories I remember from when I was little: The Hundredth Smurf.  Vanity Smurf’s reflection is accidentally brought to life and does everything parallel to him until the sync  is broken.   I thought it was neat as a kid because the mirror Vanity talks in flipped text.  Not really that impressive now, but I was amazed by it as a kid.  It seemed like such a clever thing to do.

Anyway, I can’t think of anything particularly interesting to say because I’m distracted by this project.  I’ll just leave well enough alone for now.