743 Puppy.


I guess today is as good as any to calculate the Japan donation thingy. I averaged just over $7 this week, so I’m gonna round up to $8 and multiply it by 7. Which is $56 unless my multiplication is wrong. I better check. Yes. I am correct. Not that much in the scheme of things, but a very significant amount relative to me. I’m not sure if I’m going to donate it to the Red Cross now because I’ve seen so much about mismanagement of funds. Actual verifiable reports and not just hearsay. Someone is going to get this money though, and they will be someone who will actually use it to help who I want.

I’ve had several people ask for me to donate art to auctions, but I feel like no one would want anything I made. Plus there’s the time issue to consider. I think just giving what I can is the best way to go. The thing to remember about donations is that in aggregate is where the power is. One dollar donations from a million people is a million dollars, you know? If you ever have some cause you want to help, but feel like you can’t give enough for it to be significant you should remember that. Doing what you can is always better than doing nothing at all.