709 Wrong Kind Of Special.


Some of you may remember this special schedule being mentioned before, but not quite in the way Reggie sees it. Early on in the second day Carol tells Jolene it’s her turn to have Reggie in her department. This is the “special” schedule he’s referring to, but from his perspective it’s a positive, which is probably how they sold the idea to him in the first place.

My Christmas stocking is usually filled with all manner of weird things. The jolly old elf knows of my fascination with do-dads and whatnot. This year was no different. It contained things ranging from a book of the most disgusting trivia in the world to wasabi flavored gum balls. (Not as terrible as you might expect.) There were also two DVD-Roms of Archie comics. All the issues from 1970 to 1979 of Archie and Jughead. My mild obsession with old Archie comics should surprise no one. What I like best about them has to be watching Reggie’s hairstyle change from year to year. My favorite version is the slicked back parted in the middle one that is the ultimate douche bag haircut in my mind.

I haven’t seen any of the possible future comics they are doing now. I’ve heard a little, and they are an interesting idea, but I wonder what their endgame is. Once you let the cast advance you essentially slaughter the cash cow that Archie comics has been for, what, 50 years or more? Then again maybe it isn’t the money maker it once was. It’s still almost the only comic I see at the store. Can’t be doing that poorly. At the same time I have to wonder what a little kid thinks every time they see Archie dialing a rotary phone, or going to the malt shop. The digests recycle a lot of older stuff. I’m not sure about anything else. I haven’t seen a regular comic book style Archie in ages.