690 Turnabout Test.


People sometimes ask me if Carol’s test is based on a real thing I saw someone do, or some such thing. The reality of it is that I had numerous arbitrary things I would do to people to help me quickly decide if they were worth bothering with. That and it’s fun being a jerk. When your life amounts to essentially nothing you take your pleasure where you can get it. Of course I certainly wasn’t the only person doing stuff like this, I was just the best at it. I have gained perspective with experience and age. Hazing the new kids is just one of those weird things humans do to each other. For me it was something reserved for people who instantly struck me as useless. If they could rise to the challenge so much the better, if not you knew not to leave them to their own devices. I think getting trained by me was a unique experience. It would more or less be like getting your instruction from a single person with all of the cast of this comic mixed into one being.