688 I Think It Was A Charleston Chew.


If I sit down to watch a movie at home I either play my DS at the same time or draw. I feel like I’m wasting my time if I don’t. In fact, I have a tiny screen for watching TV on while I play console games. Unless a movie is extremely engaging I only see 50% or so of it. So that’s kind of how I judge film. Iron Man 2, for example, only kept my attention part of the time whereas the first one kept me watching throughout. Iron Man 2 is not a bad film by any means, but it lacks whatever a film needs to keep me focused on it.

I can never be sure what is going to grab me or how fast. How To Train Your Dragon held me from the first notes of the opening theme. That’s pretty impressive. As soon as the music started playing I closed the DS because I knew instantly there was no point in resisting. Coraline was the same way. Transformers 2, not so much…

I’m going to get to see Scott Pilgrim sometime this week. I enjoyed the books, so I’m curious if the movie will be able to take hold, or if it will end up being something I essentially listen to while playing Dragon Quest 9.

This is essentially the same way I went through school. I just listened to the words and remembered the important stuff while doodling ridiculous things throughout my spiral binder. Only a few times did I ever really pay attention fully to what was going on.