670 Together Then.


First of all, rather than responding to your condolences individually let me just say thank you all for the concern and well wishes. I appreciate it. You are all very kind. Secondly, for reasons I haven’t fully discerned yet, the site is experiencing periodic “Error establishing database connection” and HTTP 500 errors. Last time it was a problem host side that was resolved. It may be the same problem again. If you have repeated problems viewing the site please shoot me a message on Twitter, an email, or contact me in any of the ways I have available. It helps me sort out what potential causes may be if it’s not a host problem. Also, if you have any advice feel free to deposit it in any of the places mentioned previously. Thirdlish, as I said Monday, this was a single page at one point. You might want to rock the site back one page and read it as though there wasn’t a break.