638 Sexy Back.


I’m not going to pretend that my motive for making Carol the way she is was a totally altruistic desire for a bigger girl to be a romantic lead.  I’m sure some of you could name comic artists that try to pretend that’s why their female leads have massive breasts, or what have you.  I am not that guy.  I love big girls.

Of course I love girls in general.  That’s at least part of why Nina, Carol, and Jo are so different.  I’m a man of many moods.  As much as people give each other crap for having different tastes the fact remains that beauty is subjective.  I hope, if you’re a girl, and you see similarities between yourself and Carol, it gives you hope that you can find someone who loves you the way you are.  Assuming you haven’t already.

If the Internet has taught me anything it’s that there is someone, somewhere, looking for someone exactly like you. (No matter what you look like.)  It cuts every direction for any sex or orientation.   Mike has even gotten fanmail from girls, and guys, who think he’s the cat’s pajamas.

Anyway, I actually drew 638 & 637 as a single page, but realized that if I ran them that way I might not have time to keep my posting schedule intact.  Luckily they were strong enough to be split, plus this little story ends on a Friday now.  On Monday we get a look in on a very different pairing.