636 You Did It My Way.


Just in case anyone was wondering, Ranma 1/2 doesn’t end.  It stops.  Which is fine with me.  I understand why she had to do it that way.  When your franchise of products and films ride on the strength of a premise you can’t cut the legs out from under it.  People will stop caring once you nail down what happens.  Ranma and the gang will go on fighting each other forever, but at least I don’t have to buy any more books.  XD

I’m going to look in to what all managed to get published from start to end of hers in America.  I watched a little of Innu Yasha and it was pretty much the same sort of thing that I liked about Ranma, or anything else Takahashi has done.  It seems like a story that should end though.  Like there is a definite goal that can be achieved.  I may be wrong, but I can handle that too.

I’ve been waiting for Hellsing to end for some time now.  In the books anyway.  It seems like there’s only one or two more volumes that could possibly happen.  Seems like I’ve been waiting for years.  I should just look it up.  I bet the next one is out by now.

Yep.  #10 wraps it all up.  I can finally get it and put Hellsing behind me too.  About damn time.  There is no way I’m getting a happy ending out of this one though.  XD

I should just start  finding out what all old series I have part of I could potentially put a nail in.  Battle Angel comes to mind.  I read all of it, but an old girlfriend had the books.  I’ve got the end run of single issues kicking around, I think.  Not as good as trades.  Trades are the best way to read comics.

Anyway, to the internet!