619 1000 Miles.


First of all, I know that the page breaks the website layout.  I doubt there’s any way to fix that, but I felt like this is how the scene needed to be.  I may start doing things like this more often.  If it becomes a problem I’ll find a way to fix it.  Sometimes a single page just isn’t enough, and I hate to break up really good moments.  The timing of making this page, and really the last few pages couldn’t have been worse.  Way too much was going on, I wasn’t feeling good, and so on.  That said, I have tenaciously clung to my production schedule and have not fallen much behind.

I’m still open to the idea of posting guest pages for a week between the end of this part and the next, but hope fades.  This arc ends on the 11th and I have received no suitable pages.  I will, however, present all the pages that I felt were not of sufficient quality for the main page in the blog at some future time.  Which sounds mean on some level, but there are some times when one must choose pragmatism over kindness.

Also, if whoever (whomever?) set up my listing on Top Webcomics would contact me I would appreciate it.  If it’s going to have a vote incentive anyway I may as well provide something that can’t be obtained by looking in one of my galleries.