589 Proposition.


I had a dream the other night that was, basically, The Blob.  The premise was that a blob was absorbing everybody around, but it took place at a hotel, and an ice rink.  The blob couldn’t squeeze through stuff very well so you could be relatively safe behind a shut door, but it wasn’t affected by cold.  Which is why my ice rink plan failed.  It was me and this girl just kind of perpetually trying to escape the creature.  In some ways a bit boring, but there you go.

Everybody I know who plays Pokemon (And there are a lot of comic guys who do, much to my surprise.) is way further along than me.  I’m just barely past the part where you moisten a Sudowoodo and capture it…  if you don’t accidentally knock it out.  When do they find the time?

Anyway, usually when I get a new Pokemon game I complete the quest and pokedex and then move all the creatures to the newest game, but I don’t think I will this time.  I’m thinking that this time I’ll play to the end then save my pokemans and start over with a new team.  That is what I think the biggest failing is with the pokemon games.  There’s no new game plus feature.  You should be able to start over with a new team of guys after you get done.  Or at least the gyms should reset.

In platinum there’s a place where you can battle gym leaders randomly chosen every day, but it’s not quite the same as wandering around leveling monsters…

Of course for all I know there could be a totally awesome new thing at the end of Soul Silver.  In a million years, when I get there, I guess I’ll find out.