587 No Witnesses.


Let’s see…  Tomorrow is my birthday, so maybe I’ll have present art to show off.  It’s also the comic’s official birthday.  I think it’s 4 now.  I’m not sure someone else can do the math.  XD  In any case I’ll try to have something special here on Saturday to honor the glory that is myself and my work.  :B

I left myself a cryptic note again.  I’m just going to post the note as I wrote it:

Cruise. Ship onboard to stopp bad guys. Leave on raft compete in
guitar competition. Spanish ghost lady
Woke up wth pillows rearanged didn’t remember doing it.

The only things I remember about the dream from this note is being on a cruise ship and seeing the ghost lady.  I had to get up and pee right after the ghost part so I was awake long enough for it to pass into regular memory.  The rest is a mystery to me.  The ghost was a Spanish woman dressed in a red traditional floor length skirt.  She had black hair that was done up in one of those tight bun things with the stick through it.  She seemed to realize I was aware of her and faded into the hall while watching me watch her.  It was exactly like I always hoped seeing a real ghost would be like.