582 Needs Must.


Megaman 10 is out for the Wii virtual console.  I still haven’t finished 9.  I’m at the last stage, but just can’t bring myself to end it.  You have to play all the way the last Wily part all in a go and I hate to mess with it…  That said I’m excited for a new Megaman, but I know I won’t play it right away.  Of course you know that the download is never going to devalue so there’s no point in waiting it out.  I’ll have to get a points card, which sucks because you can’t shift points from your DSi to your Wii.  They need to fix that crap.  It needs to be all of a piece.  The DSi hasn’t enough worthwhile stuff yet so you get stuck with points floating in the ether till something comes along.  The stuff on the Wii is mostly stuff i still have on old consoles that still work so I don’t feel like I need to buy them again.  Except for Earthbound…  I’d buy the hell out of that if they’d JUST GIVE IT TO ME!

They should make it so that you can download the Wii virtual console stuff to the DSi.  It’s not like most of those games need a lot of power to function.  At least the stuff that doesn’t require weird motion controls.  I’d like to play  a lot of the old stuff portable style…

I wonder if anyone at Nintendo ever thinks of this stuff.  It seems like there must not be a guy like that there considering  that most of their focus seems to be focused on coming up with the next wacky peripheral I won’t like…  I’m looking at you Wii Balance Board.