570 Carol Smiles.


I had one of my standard impending disaster dreams the other night.  Nothing particularly interesting to report, but I did notice something.  The architecture of schools, churches, libraries, and other generally public building tend to combine into a single style in my dreams.  A lot of the buildings look like the love children of various structures.  My brain also seems to like sunken floors with big images made out of tile.  Neat to look at, but annoying to walk on.  Also, if there was a leak someplace, it would pool up all over.  Water and electrical pipes don’t seem to make any sense either.  There’s way too many of them and they always get in the way.  Of course I’ve been in buildings where the pipes don’t seem to have any thought put into them, like they built the structure then decided water and power would be a nice touch.  I wonder if this is common to other people.