560 Long May He Reign.


This is really old news now, but New Super Mario Brothers Wii is pretty sweet.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be based on how difficult I heard it was.  I even managed to get all the sparkle stars on my save file.  I never got them all on the DS.  Missed something along the way I guess.  I liked the new items.  Penguin suit was the least useful to me, but that’s probably to do more with my play style than anything else.  I really liked how the ice flower lets you put out fireballs.  Shooting down magical crap the Koopalings wing at you is pretty awesome.  I’ve never played it multiplayer, so I don’t know what that’s like.  A player select would have been a nice touch, and online support while I’m at it, but whatever.  The demo feature is neat, even if it was useless to me.  I died a bunch of times on the last stage, after I’d already finished the game, just to see if it would actually win the game for you.  It does.  Plays the ending and everything.  XD  Doesn’t even give you shit for not being able to do it.  Classy.  Ninja Gaiden could learn a thing or two from SMB.

Now I think we need a new version for the DS and also Mario Kart 2, as long as I’m asking for stuff I’m not gonna get.  Lets add a remake of Earthbound packaged with  Mother 3 on there for good measure.