558 Form Fitting.


After Christmas Wal-Mart clearanced some of this stuff called Zubber.  It’s basically rubber that isn’t cured.  You mix in an activator and it becomes rubber.  I like that kind of thing so I decided to try it.  It’s really oily.  I hate touching oily things, but I manned up and coped.

Remember when I was talking about that Monster Lab toy?  That line had a substance called Living Ice that came with molds of monsters you could make with it.  It melted over time so they wouldn’t say, but I always wanted them to.  I dug out the two molds I could find and made monsters with the Zubber.  If 12 year old me was around to see these little things he would be pleased.  It’s exactly the kind of thing he would have liked to play with.

I can see a lot of uses for this stuff.  I used to sculpt, so I know how to make molds and such.   Potentially I could make trading figures if I had the inclination.  It wouldn’t be that hard.  Something to mull over…