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You can learn a lot about a person by how they talk about what they played with as a kid, or even how they played with what they played with.  I was a very shy child.  Didn’t live near kids my age mostly, and even in the rare times I did the experience was bad.  So I played, by myself, with whatever action figures I had.  I didn’t have a ton of toys, but I was very careful with the ones I liked best, so they lasted a very long time.  A lot of my ability to write comes from playing.  I write the same sorts of stories I used to act out with action figures.  A lot of what was happening was dialogue and not action.  At least part of the reason was that I usually had several good guys and one bad guy.  Therefore, Starscream had to be the baddest Decepticon ever.  (Decepticon is not in the Opera dictionary and that is bullshit.)

The toys that were best for making up stories were the ones that didn’t have really elaborate backstories, like M.U.S.C.L.E. (Kinnikuman in Japan) or Battle Beasts.  Plus they could ride around in Star Wars vehicles.  Since the figures were smaller the vehicles were more like playsets.  I had the Emperor’s shuttle from the original Jedi line.  It was easily one of the biggest toys I had as a kid and pretty much every toy that would fit inside it traveled the galaxy in it at least once.  For the Battle Beasts it turns out that kind of made sense…  XD