502 Slowbro.


Okay, so after hearing that Reading Rainbow was cancelled I got to thinking about an old show I saw when I was a kid.  I’m not sure if it was Reading Rainbow, or this other weird show I saw, but maybe someone out there remembers it.  Here, as they say, is the deal: 

One of the stories was about a salesman that was murdered by a family and buried in the tool shed.  Many years later he haunts a new family that moves into the house by opening and shutting a door.  I think the guy’s name was Samuel Pym. 

I’ve never been able to find anything about the show this story was on.  It was just a segment of a larger show, I think.  Now the premise of the show was either that a kid was being chased by bullies and was taken to a “dimension of reading” by a spirit, or was trapped in a haunted library and forced to read books until he learned a lesson of some sort.  Of course those could be two separate memories and the Samuel Pym story could have been on an episode of Reading Rainbow.  If it was on Reading Rainbow I’ve not been able to find it on their archive.

The murdered salesman story is, apparently, just a retelling of a much older story that has been around for a long time.  Kind of like the Resurrection Mary story that Chicago claims at the moment.  Or it might be that the tale has mutated into its current form over time, again like the Resurrection Mary tale.

Honestly if anyone remembers any of the shows I’ve tried to explain here I’d be interested in whatever information you have.  They were all strange premises, but cool in their way.  Very dated by now I’m sure, but still… 

In any case, I lay this mystery at your feet, kids.  Who among you will help me solve the mystery of Samuel Pym?