501 Are You Asking For A Challenge?


This kind of thing happens all the time in retail.  Doesn’t matter what you sell, someone will come in wanting something, yet completely unable to tell you what it is.  In those moments you become a cross between a detective and a mind reader, and God help you if you are unable to untangle the mystery of the stupid customer.  I’d almost forgotten about it but I watched it happen while out and about.  A flood of suppressed memories washed over me in that moment. 

 As I had a little break in the story I just dropped in some Nina for her fans to enjoy.  The guy looks familiar, but I can’t place who it is he looks like. 

I had a dream that was, essentially, Billy Madison combined with Back To The Future.  You’d think that would be a pretty fun dream, but it was not.  Not at all.  I spent the whole dream frustrated and angry about how little sense everything made, yet unable to realize I was dreaming until the very end.  The only upside of the dream was that I had a super hot friend, a female, that I made no attempt to seduce.  Apparently in the dream I was still an idiot…