500 I Went To Films.


Usually I don’t bother to explain page titles, but on this one I’ll go ahead and talk about it.  Quentin Tarantino, when asked if he ever attended film school, reportedly replied “No, I went to films.”  I’m not really a big fan of his work, but that is a typically badass line for him.  It’s serendipitous that this page appears while Tarantino’s newest film, Inglorious Basterds, is hammering home some of the points raised. 

(Before I get any notes from pedants, I realize that bastards is misspelled in the movie title.  Tarantino spelled it incorrectly, I assume, on purpose.)

I haven’t seen the new film.  I’ve heard good things from Cap’n Zac, who attended Chicago comic con, and returned with a prize for me:  A signed Shortpacked print.  He and I are both fans of Shortpacked, animated Batman, and the marriage of the two.