489 Liar Liar.


Trace Memory is a fairly short game, which is good because I have to play through again.  I didn’t help the little ghost recover his memories, so he wasn’t able to rest in peace.  I assume that’s what happens if you recover his memories.  As I didn’t accomplish said task I wouldn’t know.  I’d also like to know the circumstances surrounding his death, which should come with. 

I have only one real complaint about Trace Memory.  You can’t change the text speed.  I don’t know what remedial sadist set the text scroll to slow then made sure there was no option to change it, but should I meet him I’d like to punch him in is card slot. 

Anyway, I know all the puzzles now so it should take even less time to play through again.  I’m not sure where I missed memory triggers, but I suspect I’ll run across them if I don’t get in a hurry towards the end.