483 Dark Arts.


I finished Super Princess Peach the other night.  (Sunday the 12th)  I got to the last level years ago, but the game demands that you save every toad before it unlocks the final boss.  The last 4 toads remained in captivity this whole time mainly because of how annoying it was to track them down.  After you finally beat Bowser there’s virtually no ending.  I’ve all but forgotten what the story was with her magic, talking, umbrella.  Honestly, they could have just given her the umbrella and told the audience nothing, for all the difference it seems to make.  It’s not a bad game by any means.  I enjoyed playing it, but it lacks something.  This may not make sense, but it’s not quite Nintendo enough.  It comes across like a game made by someone desperately trying to be like Nintendo, but falling just shy of the mark.  With a little tweaking it could have been spectacular, like the first real Wario game was.  That said, if they made another one I’d want to play it. 

I saw that there’s gonna be a New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii.  If it’s as good as the DS one it’ll be a total hit.  One of those games that kids who own PS3s and 360s will come in asking for, and clerks will have to explain that they don’t make it for rival companies.  And those kids won’t understand, and their parents will come in and yell at the clerks for being difficult, because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

I remember back when the Dreamcast was still kicking and kids used to do that with the Sonic games.  People would tell them “Sonic The Hedgehog will NEVER be on a Nintendo system.”  Now the little bastard is ubiquitous.  Not that saying something similar about Mario is unreasonable, I’m just saying.

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