452 Keepin’ It Strong.


Back when Dreamcast was still the popular gaming choice for rap stars the game Bangai-O came out for said system, but was hard to find.  I only ever saw it on a friend’s system, and then only briefly.  Many years hence they brought us a DS version.  I didn’t get either.  In the first instance I couldn’t find it, in the second they wanted too much moneyfor it.  So I bided my time…  Steepling my fingers, and staring menacingly into the middle distance.

  I would see the DS version in Gamestops, but always they held it too dear.  Then, I stopped seeing them and assumed I had missed my chance a second time.  No big deal.  I did without it for this long, chances were it wasn’t going to have a major impact on my existence. 

Then I found it in the cheap bin at a Target. 

The premise of Bangi-O Spirits is pretty simple.  You have a giant robot with a variable arsenal.  Using the tools at your disposal you must survive a variety of scenarios the pilot of a giant robot is likely to face.  In a lot of ways it’s a puzzle game about a giant robot. 

It’s a pretty intense game, and hard to properly explain.  A person really needs to experience it to understand. Anyway, I have finally.  It’s a pretty awesome game, but not $30 worth of awesome, so I’m glad I waited it out.