443 Legit.


I get a lot of spam messages on the site’s email.  In fact the site itself gets thousands of spam comments every day.  This being so, I’ve seen every kind of scam imaginable.  People are always tying to get me to do something for them, give something to them, or what have you.  All in various guises.  (Usually the king of someplace…)  Every so often I check the spam folder to see if any legit stuff is getting hidden from me. 

So I find one that references Archie comics and charity work, and I’m like “Well played spamster, you’ve researched me a little better than normal”.  I open it and read a pretty textbook scam style email about me doing art for a charity.  Normally I’d have deleted the message there, but I just had to see what the con was, or at least taunt the guy.  Unexpectedly, I get a response, but it still reads like it’s fake.  There are some links in it though.  Now, you never know what you’re going to get when someone making questionable claims gives you links.  I have faith in my various firewalls, and whatnot, so I check them out.  They lead to fairly bland, unimpressive sites that don’t instill any more faith in me, and I leave the message alone.  I figure I’ll do some research and see if I can vet this dude in any way.  Turns out that my half assed googling leads to places that all make me think this is just a scam, so I forget about it.

A day or so later I read a journal, after following a link in a friend’s art post, about this dude’s charity project.  So I’m like ‘Oh, he’s actually not a scammer’ and I tell him I’ll go ahead and help if I can.  I get back an email that is clearly, though politely, meant to make me feel bad.  It’s basically a name dropping list of artists involved in the project, that I guess I’m supposed to give a shit about, wrapped in a blanket of ‘neener neener you missed your chance’.  As I said, however, it was kindly worded.  In any event, the subtext was not lost on me. 

I just know, at some point, I’m going to run into this dude again, and he’s gonna be like “You’re the guy who teased me on the internet.”  And then I don’t get in to Princeton.

Makes for a fun story though.  XD