420 Perk.


The other day I was trying to express my happiness at being solicited by the figure company to my dad.  He kind of put everything in perspective, offhandedly, in a way that unintentionally made me feel less special.  I’ll paraphrase:

Companies that make random crap are hurting for ways to stay in the black, all over the world, so they’re casting a wider net.  Hoping to get business through venues they normally wouldn’t contact. 

On some level I knew that already.  On my best day I don’t have the readership required to get a figure made and sold.  Still, even if I’m third string,  (Or fourth string.  I don’t know how many strings there are.) it’s cool to be on the list at all. 

I’d like to think that some guy at the Chinese factory was asked to find some new customers, saw my comic, and was like “Well, it looks better than some of this shit.” 

Anyway, it would still be cool to have a figure set someday…