342 Walk Hard.


I have had to go back in and fix more problems with the last 9 pages than I’ve had to for the previous 300 or so.  It wouldn’t be a big deal except for Photoshop taxing my system the way it does.  Although, compared to what it was like before the last upgrade, it’s much faster.  I’m just not going to be truly happy until my results are instantaneous, which is unreasonable of me. 

Anyway, the other day I tried upgrading from Photoshop Elements 3 to Elements 5.  It was a real timesink, because the changes between 3 and 5 are enough to cripple my process.  The amount  of things in different places was pretty staggering.  So, I uninstalled 5 and went back to the familiar comfort of 3.  Maybe it’s not as good, or as fast, but I can make it work without learning a bunch of new stuff.  That counts for a lot.