333 Safe.


A while back Fenn from over at The Wrong Hero opened up an online store, and I got one of his pins.  Much like his comic, it is awesome, and I look forward to explaining it to random strangers.  I hope the world decides to love his work soon, so that he can just sit around and make comics for me to enjoy, all night and ev-er-y day.  For my part, I’m mentioning it here, so when he rules these interwebs I can feed off his scraps.  His delicious scraps.

But I digress…

  I also used said purchase as an excuse to get one of my own pins.  I’ve never been dissapointed with Cafepress’s stuff, yet I always worry that people might not be getting a quality product.  Seeing something “in the reals”, so to speak, makes me feel better about the whole thing.