325 Promises, Promises.


Does anyone who reads BF happen to use Manga Studio? I’ve been thinking of trying it, but want to know a bit more about it before I commit. I could get a game and a half for that kind of money, or maybe some Transformers Animated guys… If there were any out here.

I finished The World Ends With You, but haven’t gotten the “special ending”. I went ahead and got Final fantasy Tactics Advance 2, and it hasn’t caused any production problems, even though I am a bit obssesed with it. I’ve done a fair ammount of racing online in Mario Kart Wii. The highest point rank I ever got was 8500 and some change. I decided to screw around at that point because maxing out the points would make me feel like an ultra loser. I’m just fine with regular loser status, who isn’t concerned with being the best at Mario kart.