275 A Single Tear.


I used some of my Christmas gift certificate to get the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD set Volume 4.  So now I have 1 through 7…  or 8, I forget.  At any rate, it’s a straight run now.  That little part of my brain that hates holes in collections is partly satiated.  I thought that they stopped making them after 8 or so, but I looked on Amazon, and there were listings for several more sets.  That’s fine by me.  I can now add them to my collection, in glorious, numerical, order. 

Volume 4 has 2 of my favorite episodes: Hamlet & Space Mutiny.  It also has 2 episodes I’ve never seen, so that’s fun.  The box seems to infer that these are all Mike episodes, which is fine by me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Joel episodes, but they are funny in a different way. 

 I keep meaning to buy some of the Riftrax stuff, but haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ve heard some clips, and they are hilarious.  Plus, they can do new movies too.  I’ll probably get the one for Transformers first.  Then maybe The Matrix.