2008-04-02-BFP263-world issafe

263 The World Is Safe.


I went to the dentist yesterday to get some cavities filled.  It didn’t hurt while I was getting it done, or hours after, or even hours after that.  Today though, for about ten minutes, the teeth in question stung and throbbed for no reason.  It is my considdered opinion that they were mad at being tricked into not feeling anything while it was happening. 

 I was gonna have Thomas kill himself for April fools day.  I ran the idea past my publicist and it got shot down, much like Thomas would have been.  Apparently most people don’t think suicide is funny…  Guess I need to ad that to the list of things I’ve learned while making this comic.

There is a really complicated inside joke to do with suicide floating around in the ether of my past which would have been the crux of my little April fools joke.  Over the years it’s gotten way more complicated than its first incarnation.  The whole thing hinges around what the best series of things to do would be to leave a confusing scene for whoever finds you. 

You know, my friends and I may have put a little too much thought into this, now that I start to see this actually written out.  Maybe I should call them and see how they’re all doing…