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Nobody can complain when the next page arrives & it’s gross. It’s been made clear what’s gonna be in there. Brace yourselves.

In real life news, when we came home from the store today there was something really wrong with Roxy. Mom rushed her to the vet & found out she has heart failure. We got some Medicine to help, but if it doesn’t then we’ll get a little more. If that doesn’t help… Well, I guess we’ll see. She seemed like she wasn’t her usual self a week or so ago, but she got over it. It hasn’t been that long that was seemingly fine. I mean I logically know that our pets aren’t going to live forever, but having it suddenly thrown in to stark contrast was… A bit much. Crow is senile to the point that he doesn’t really seem to know what’s going on. He just poops wherever unless you really keep an eye on him. He lays down to sleep right in the middle of the hall in the dark. He’s just very confused all the time, & now Roxy has an obvious and diagnosed condition. The clock is ticking. It’s always ticking, but it’s harder to deal with once you can start to hear it. Even though we inherited these dogs I’ve come to love them, as you do. The thought of being parted from them is… difficult to take. Solomon’s only been gone a year or so & I still get out a bowl for him out of habit sometimes. You don’t want to forget, but it hurts to remember sometimes.