2109 Give Me Shelter.


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At least one person guessed this as a potential thing they would find. I expect someone will crow about it in the comments. Which is fine. The thing about guessing a story element is that after a certain point some members of the audience should be able to put together the likely elements to lead to a specific conclusion. Any number of the guesses were just as likely until I pinned it down though. Bomb shelter was actually one of the very last guesses, but the speakeasy guess almost made me change the idea because it would’ve been fun. I was too far in to really make the story work though. Big plot elements are easy to guess but people rarely nail down the tidbits that make stuff work. So temper your bragging if you figured it out. I asked at least one of you to tell me how they get to the plot points, but no one ever answers.

I almost had Alex put her hair up because of the mask, but then I got amused when I drew her with it down. She’s basically a talking hairdo & it makes me laugh.