2099 Cemented.


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Cement & concrete are so much more complex than a layman realizes. I just barely scratched the surface of information about it & you’d be surprised how much goes into getting it right, doing it well, matching it to the environment. There’s theories & formulas, lost techniques people are always trying to rediscover. Reggies is speaking VERY broadly. Even saying concrete, or cement, doesn’t mean just one thing. Construction is one of those jobs that doesn’t get the respect it deserves because it’s manual labor, mostly done by men. The technicians are highly skilled at the top levels, doing the best work. It’s just like anything, there’s levels.

I’ve been thinking that since Xmas is a Wednesday that I might post the comic for that day on Thursday instead. There’s usually very little traffic that day. Although I’ll probably just post it like normal, just like every year even though I think about actually taking a day off. I can barely function if I don’t do the things I usually do when I usually do them. My person is so tied up into this comic that I don’t feel right unless it’s being taken care of above everything, including myself. I suppose that’s going to lead to regrets down the road, but at this point I’m never going to avoid regrets anyway. Mom has been taking care of my sister’s family almost the entire time of the last two months, so it’s just dad and I here. It gives life a feeling of every day being the same with reduced perception of the passage of time. When I realized Xmas was in 5 days my brain was like “I’m not sure that’s right…” I had to look at my calendar to make the reality of it sink in a bit. I guess it’s better this way since all the modern artifice of the holiday just makes me sad or angry anyway. On the internet no one is being kind to their fellow man. They just shout things at each other and try to ruin whoever says anything they don’t like.

Alas that these evil times should be mine.