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Well, I finally bought a replacement Surface. This one is still working okay, but it overheats more regularly with each update. So I wanted to make sure I had a backup BEFORE something happened to it. There were good deals on Monday, I had the money saved, so I did it. I prefer to have redundant systems in place rather than scrambling for solutions. The mess with the power cord for this thing was a rare moment of just forgetting to buy a spare.
Anyway, it’s a really big purchase for me, and it made me anxious, but art is my business. I have to have the tools. The tools need to work. That’s how things get done. Hopefully I can get 5 tom 7 years out of the new one. It will have more than paid for itself if I do. This surface I’m using now paid for itself a few times over and has been my most reliable computer so far, by a wide margin. I hope Microsoft didn’t mess with what is as close to perfection as any system is likely to ever get. I guess we shall see.