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I have sort of needed to replace the keyboard for my Surface for many months now. I’ve talked about it before, but I keep not doing it because it still mostly works. Right now the V key and the T key are sketchy. That’s only two out of 26 letters. Granted T comes up a lot, but I’m making it work. It’s so hard to convince myself to spend $75 bucks on something boring like a keyboard. Especially one that still mostly works. It’s kind of like the Surface itself. I probably should replace it, but it can still do the things I need it to do, it’s just a little slower. Plus, I know as soon as I do it Microsoft will announce a new version that has the features I want. It’s unfortunate that this thing isn’t like a regular PC that you can upgrade a bit as you go, or repair yourself if a single element fails. I hesitate to try and pop a key off of this thing for fear of really destroying it & forcing myself to have to buy a new one. I’m in that zone of “this isn’t an ideal situation, but I can make it work”. I think that’s the most common state to live in. The time between failures where things are mostly fine.