2056 Glass Coffin.


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The hotel this is based on had a skylight made with the stuff described here. The old glass like that is kind of valuable, but it was hard enough to get to that no one stole it. Some of it did fall out though and it left a big wound in one of the planks. The chunk itself was mostly intact only a corner was broken off. It didn’t look like modern glass, but more like it was melting or oozing, but in a frozen state. There were also bubbles and other imperfections. Getting hit in the head by a falling piece would be almost guaranteed fatality.

I bought an accessory for my computer that goes with the drawing software I use. It’s like a little nunchuck handle for the Wii. Supposedly it will increase productivity. Rather than doing a bunch or research I just bought it on a whim basically. I can take it off my taxes as a work expense so why not? Spending money to work better is a good investment. It remains to be seen if it actually helps. I can map all the buttons to do whatever I like, so that should be interesting to mess with.