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I’m still feeling a bit off in all honesty. Not like I was on Wednesday, but a whatever is making me feel ill is still working through my system. Or maybe it’s whatever is outside is still blowing around and making me feel ill. Or some combination. I’ve been able to get stuff done, but it’s taking a level of willpower I rarely have to tap into. If you follow my twitter all that activity about random stuff is from me bed tweeting. My mind wandering while my body rejects everything. The other night I slept on the floor to see if it would help my back at all and I woke up feeling like my hips were on fire. It’s happened before & I assume it’s a pinched nerve. It’s pretty rare but also very uncomfortable. I ended up back in the bed after that. It lasted for a solid 30minutes though.

I ruined my yoga ball a few weeks ago & haven’t been able to find a replacement I’m secure in buying. Mine was a pretty heavy duty one from Gold’s Gym, but Walmart quit carrying them & I’m not sure what kind it was without being able to see the box. The one I had was very sturdy & the pictures online of other kinds do not look the same. It wasn’t expensive either and all the ones online are… I really want a new one though because it helped me stretch out a lot. Anyway, my sleep schedule is all screwed up & I really want to go to sleep. I’ll see you in all the usual places if you need me.