2012 Hill Valley.


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My allergies have been bad on a level that’s totally beyond the pale for the last 2 days. I was going to use the eye drops I had but the bottle has gone missing. I only use the stuff in the most dire of circumstances because it seems like it gives me a headache sometimes, but I guess the point is moot since I can’t find he effing thing. I think it’s possible that things are being exacerbated by needing new glasses. My eyes get tired a lot faster recently & it makes me dizzy as they try to keep up. I stepped outside today & the smell of plants having an orgy was everywhere. It has rained so much more than usual in the last couple of weeks that the plants, which are usually on the verge of death, are having a field day, so to speak. I’m sure the dogs are rolling around in it and bringing it inside. I’d shave Crow if he wasn’t so terrified of everything. Not only would it keep him from dragging in so much filth. but he also likes not having long fur.