1994 Really Big Dreams.


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I know people identify with Thomas’s lack of direction. Perhaps now even more than when I started the comic. Everything seems all messed up & earnestly working toward any goal seems pointless a lot of the time. The world is trying to adapt to how connected everything is, people are trying to take control of the internet for their own desire for power, no one wants to hear things they don’t agree with & want the opposing side destroyed rather than allowing them to live how they want on their own. But you gotta get up every day & just see what happens. Maybe today is the day you figure it out. You leave a little room for hope. Laugh in the face of the tragic & go on. Maybe today is the day you meet that person who completes you. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

1994 was the year I graduated from high school. I remember how stupid I thought he ceremony was. People were like “don’t be like that, you’ll look back & wish you enjoyed it.” Fuck that noise. It was stupid then, it’s stupid now. Graduating from high school is barely an achievement at all. A celebration of averageness. Then again, considering how hard it seems to be for some people maybe I’m wrong about that & it just seemed like any fool should be able to do the bare minimum and pass on through. The bar seemed so low & I learned more from books I read on my own than from the ones in my classes. Th fact that I resisted doing the things I wanted to do because I didn’t think I could actually survive doing them didn’t help my attitude. Anyway, none of that matters now. Although I should probably write a high school story someday. If I had been raised by parents who expected less from me I probably would have been a school shooter. There’s probably a story in there someplace.