1974 Call Forwarding.


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13th birthday

Rulette has a very flexible play style.

I feel less shitty than I did yesterday, but still pretty shitty. I’m almost certain I have a sinus infection because my eyes are fucked beyond belief. I can feel it behind them. I taped a filter over the vent in my room so maybe that will take the edge off of the dust & allow me to heal a little bit. I don’t want to freeze, but I also don’t want to have continuous anxiety attacks that this shit always causes.

I should see about rigging up some kind of better filter for the rooms I’m in the most. Maybe something I can slide into the ducts a little way in so I can still control the flow of the air. It’s actually kind of strange that the vents don’t have them already. Has no one ever thought of this before? The main filter on the heater clearly isn’t enough.