1963 Only A Test.


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I remember talking about a DM that did a similar thing before starting any serious campaign with new players, and some of the other rules he imposed, and someone lost their shit in the comments over it. I’ve been in situations where only a couple of participants were invested in the process at all. When part of a group isn’t willing to at least commit to the premise of a situation it ends up being a bad time. I can understand how a person might want to institute a few rules before going all in.

The DM I mentioned before made you roll for pretty much everything. You came into the world as random as you did to this one. His players were fine with it. If anyone objected they didn’t have to play. The group agreed to the rules before and that’s how their table worked. A little too restrictive for me, but I might have liked to try it once just to see what happened. Sometimes having limits can be part of the fun.