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I’ve felt like crap all day today. My balance is screwed up. My eyes burn. I think I might have a low grade version of whatever dad has. He was dizzy at the start of it too, but it may just be an unrelated thing with the same symptom. Regardless it it’s making things any easier.

The other day I leaned over to do something and partially threw up. Have you ever done that? Like not puking as such but an amount of stomach acid just comes up somehow? Anyway it went up into the back of my nose, which ould have been bad enough regularly, but I had been eating something very spicy, so it was worse by an order of magnitude. At first I though I was going to choke to death because theshock made my breathing get out of sync. The burning sensation was also impossibleto wash away becauseit was above my throat. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me now. Some kind of ear infection from that. I tried a nasal rinse but it wouldn’t work because everything swelled shut for a while. I just hadto rideit out.

Last night I was using a motorized pumice stone on my foot, which makes a significant amount of foot dust. That’s gross enough on its own but I also had the space heater running & it was too close to what I was doing. The dried skin powder got on the heating elements & I slowly realized what washappening when the room started to smell like a crematorium. It was so bad I had to leave the room. It also took hours for the stink to work itself out.

All inall this is not an auspicious start to the week.

As you can see I have also not replaced my keyboard.