1943 Wind Beneath My Wings.


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Xmas list

I think I have my Xmas shopping all done. It’s not nearly as hard now because we changed the gift rules. There were just too damn many people in the extended family. Now we have a… Lottery system. I’m not sure that’s right. We pair off now. It’s a much better system.

It’s hard to shop for me now because I pretty much take care of all my stuff myself. I don’t use traditional art supplies anymore, I have no hobbies that you can randomly contribute to, I’m picky about what I eat, and perfumes & such make me ill. So a lot of obvious avenues are cut off unless you want to do recon. Liking Lego solves a lot of that though since I just part stuff out for my projects. Although people are often embarrassed by giving a toy to a 42 year old. Or embarrassed on my behalf. I look at Lego very much as a tool for artistic expression. Sculpting essentially. Which is basically what the adult Lego scene is all about. I always need structural sets, door, windows, that sort of thing. Right now I’m trying to make a two story book store that uses the new style book. But the shelving is the issue because I want the books to stay put. It’s going to require a lot of specific parts. In specific colors. After that I’m going to submit it to the ideas team and then be immortalized in Lego history. Hopefully…