1908 No More Tears.


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I rewrote this page several times & am still not happy with it totally. That’s not uncommon, but I usually have a pretty clear way I want things to go and this time I didn’t. Some stuff happened while I was making this page that kind of threw me off my groove. Honestly not every interaction between the cast should be astoundingly meaningful, but usually I feel like I stick the landing a little better. I didn’t want to go from the last page directly into Jess digging into Jo’s past more. When I tried it the scene felt like it was turning to a new focus in a jarring way, so I tried a few more times to see what felt more natural to me. This is what I landed on. Jess is very smitten with Jo because she’s got a sort of natural wisdom to her that Jess doesn’t have. There’s deep pain and perspective in her that Jess is drawn to in the way that people often get obsessed with “fixing” a “broken” person. It’s not a one to one comparison, but it’s similar enough that you can understand the dynamic.