1891 Lickety Split.


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Yesterday the actor who played Robbie Rotten died. I’m making note of it for future me to ground this post in a place in time in my own mind. The Lazytown memes are a good example in my mind of the internet bringing good things to me I never would have seen otherwise. A show so earnest in its intent it’s hilarious out of context.

Also, not that this will stop the comments, but I know that for ease of access panties go over the garters, but it looks terrible. In almost all media it’s done the incorrect way because of that. I actually looked it up before I started and chose to do it the way I did because to draw it that way would look awful as far as I’m concerned. Every time I’ve seen panty over garters it looks terrible to me. The ordered part of my brain likes it the “wrong” way. So there you go. Honestly not something I ever expected to be discussing…